encouraging healing, wellness, and peace for the animals

Lori D. Leonard, BS, DVM, VetMFHom

Holistic Veterinary Care


An Integrated Approach to Healing and Wholeness

Rather than treating symptoms in isolation, Dr. Lori Leonard and her staff at Concord Veterinary Services look at the whole life of the animal to achieve a deeper diagnosis. Dr. Leonard emphasizes natural and alternative therapies for recapturing wellness, using conventional drugs and vaccines only when necessary.  Natural therapies include homeopathy, flower essences, Reiki,  animal communication, herbal tinctures, and near infrared light therapy. Dr. Leonard also provides traditional services such as: examinations, surgery, radiology, dentistry, internal medicine, ophthalmology, cardiology, and pediatric, orthopedic, and geriatric medicine. Dr. Leonard treats pets of all kinds, as well as livestock and wild and exotic animals. At all times, quality of life is paramount. Dr. Leonard partners with pets and their people to encourage optimal health for her patients.


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